CS:GO Summer Powered By NETGEAR

Sun 16th Jul 2017 - 11:04am General Gaming

CS:GO Tournament Powered By NETGEAR @ AFKgg
Saturday and Sunday August 19-20th starting at 9:00 am
163 W. Santa Clara St.
San Jose, CA 95113

AFKgg in partnership with NETGEAR (NASDAQ: NTGR), is proud to announce our 2nd massive CS:GO tournament on August 19th and 20th! The prize pool features thousands of dollars in products from NETGEAR including NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 routersNETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 gaming switches and a minimum of $2000 in cash payouts.

Our first NETGEAR CS:GO tournament in March was a great success with competitors from all over California and even out of the state. This summer we are hosting it once again, but bigger and better than before.

Tournament entry fee is $25 per player. Form your teams now and expect to see the fiercest competition coming out for this event!

Register Here to reserve your spot in the tournament. You MUST register online to participate.
Individuals and Teams may register. Individuals will be randomly placed on a team or have an opportunity to form teams on Day 0.

 ------- Schedule ------

Day 0 - Friday 8/18
4:00 pm to 10:00pm - Early check-in, team recruitment, photos, and practice time. (Details TBA)

Day 1 - Saturday 8/19

9:00 am - Doors open and check-in starts
10:15 am - Check-in ends
10:30 am - Teams / Brackets announced
11:00 am - Group stage starts
6:00 pm - Knockout Stage starts

Day 2 - Sunday 8/20
11:00 am - Doors open for Day 2
11:30 am - Semi-Finals commence
3:00 pm - Grand Finals commence

 ------- Prizes ------

1st Place
   ~ 5x NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10 AD7200
   ~ 75% of Cash Prize Pool ($1500 Minimum + $10 per player registered)
2nd Place
   ~ 5x NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 Gaming Switch
   ~ 25% of Cash Prize Pool ($500 Minimum + $10 per player registered)
3rd Place
 AFKgg Gift Cards

 ------- Spectating and Activities ------ 

AFKgg and NETGEAR invite all CS:GO fans and team supporters to come enjoy the event all weekend long.
AFKgg will be dedicating the weekend to all things Counter-Strike. Featuring themed drink specials and 
event food specials. Stay tuned for info. We will also be broadcasting the tournament stream matches 
throughout the venue, with a dedicated viewing area in the patio. We will be running raffles on both 
Saturday and Sunday for CS:GO, NETGEAR, and AFKgg swag. It should be an action packed and fun
filled weekend for fans, spectators, and participants.

------- Stream & VODs ------

Main Tournament Live Stream at
Tournament also live on Netgear Youtube Channel
VODs of Tournament at AFKgg's Youtube Channel
Match GOTV IPs will be posted on Brackets.

  ------- General Tournament Information & Rules ------

~ All teams or individual players must pre-register online to attend the tournament. Follow link to our Registration page.
~ Teams may register a full roster of 5 and 1 substitute player. Individuals may register with up to 3 other players to later form a full team at random or on Day 0.
~ All players must provide a full name and steam nickname that represents the exact nickname that player will be using during the tournament.
~ Teams that have players that play under a different nickname than the one registered will be disqualified.
~ Team captains will receive a confirmation and instruction email up to 72 hours after registration.

Entry & Check-In

~ $25 Entry Fee per player. AFKgg Members get $10 off entry fee with membership card.
~ $10 of the entry fee per player is added to the $2000 cash prize pool.
~ Entry fee is due on Day 0 (8/18) or Day 1 (8/19) of the event during check-in.
~ Your team must be present and checked in by cut off time of 10:15am on Day 1 (8/19).
~ Priority will be given to the players and teams that pre-registered first.

Dedicated LAN Servers & Production
~ All matches will be played on our high end server machines hosted locally at AFKgg.
~ These match servers are all 128 Tick.
~ Absolutely no lag servers, hosted on our very own 10G local network brought to you by NETGEAR.
~ We will be running a full scale production with multiple cameras to capture all the action.
~ Every team will be able to participate in a photo-op for team and player photos.
~ Top quality casters and commentary for all the matches that are on stream.
~ Every match will be available to be watched online via GOTV Servers.
~ All matches will have a GOTV replay file attached to the bracket.
Tournament Strucuture
~ Maximum of 32 Teams, or 160 players
~ Group Stage will consist of a Group Double Elimination Bracket between 4 teams in a group. All matches are best of 1.
~ Knockout stage will commence after group stage and some teams have been eliminated.
~ Knockout stage will be a signle elimination bracket with all matches being best of 3.
~ Day 1 will end when there are 4 teams left.
~ Day 2 will feature the Semi-Finals, 3rd Place and Grand Finals.
~ Tournament strucuture is tentative and may change depending on participant numbers. Check back on Thursday August 17th for updates.
Config & Match Details
~ Players will be allowed setup time before the start of tournament to save configs to our PCs.
~ Players have a maximum of 10 minutes to configure their game prior to joining the server for each match. If your team is missing players or takes to long to commence the match, you will receive a forfeit loss.
~ All teams are required to connect to the AFKgg provided Teamspeak. Teamspeak will be used for communicatino between teams and tournament admins. It can also be used for match team communication if desired.
Venue Rules & Info
NO Outside food or drink is allowed in the venue.
~ Only players on teams will be allowed in the LAN Center during the tournament.
~ Spectator badges will be an extra fee due to limited space.
~ Parking will be available in the San Pedro Garage located on San Pedro Street near AFKgg. Parking Validation will be provided free of charge to tournament participants.

 ------- Peripherals & Gear Rules ------

~ Players may bring and use their own mouse, mousepad, and headphones.
~ Keyboards are restricted due to time constraints and will only be allowed during the knockout stage after groups.
~ AFKgg will provide twenty 144Hz Monitor setups, but not all matches will be played on these setups.
~ The rest of the setups will be 60Hz Monitors, due to limited availability and time constraints.
~ Teams playing on 144Hz Monitors will always be playing against another team also on 144Hz monitors, and same with 60Hz.
~ NO USB Flash Drives for configs, use a cloud storage platform or email.

 ------- Map Rules ------

~ Map pool is Valve's Activy Duty Map Group (Inferno, Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Mirage, Nuke, Train)
~ Maps will be banned until there is only 1 left. In the case of best of 3, the last 3 maps will be played in reverse ban order.
~ First team to ban will be decided by coin toss.
~ Picking sides in games will be decided by a knife round.
~ Ties on any maps will be settled by a 6-round Overtime until there is a winner.

 ------- Match Rules ------

~ Standard Valve Competitive Match Rules and Configs (Unless otherwise stated)
~ 30 Round Match with Halftime, First to 16 Rounds
~ 1:55 Round Timer
~ 0:40 Bomb Timer
~  Overtime Rules: 
    ~ 6 Round OT, 3 Rounds per half.
    ~ 10,000 Starting Money
    ~ OT Rounds will repeat until there is a winner.
~ Pauses will only be allowed for technical issues.







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