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Fri 12th May 2017 - 12:37am General Gaming

Overwatch Tournament Powered By NETGEAR @ AFKgg
Saturday, May 13th and 14th
163 W. Santa Clara St.
San Jose, CA 95113

AFKgg in partnership with NETGEAR, is proud to announce a massive Overwatch tournament on May 13th & 14th! The prize pool features thousands of dollars in products from NETGEAR and a minimum of $2000 in cash payouts.

Register Here to reserve your spot in the tournament.
Individuals and Teams may register. Individuals will have a chance to form a team on Day 0 or be randomly placed on a team.

Registration ends on Wednesday May 10th at 11:59pm Pacific time. Rules and information are subject to change.

 ------- Schedule ------

Day 0 - Friday 5/12
5:00 to 7:00pm - Early check-in and registration (Free T-shirt)
6:00pm - Individuals Meet-up and Form Teams
7:00pm to 12:00am - Overwatch Team Practice

Day 1 - Saturday 5/13
9:00am - Doors open and check-in starts
10:00 am - Check-in ends
10:30 am - Teams / Brackets announced
11:00 am - Knockout Stage Starts (BO3 Double Elimination)
4:00 pm - Knockout Stage Continues (BO3 Double Elimination)
8:00 pm - Semi-Finals Start (BO3)
10:00 pm - Finals Start (BO5)


** Schedule is tentative and may change depending on participant numbers. Check back on Thursday May 11th for updated schedule. **

 ------- Prizes ------

1st Place
   ~ 75% of Cash Prize Pool ($1500 Minimum + $7.50 per player participant)
   ~ NETGEAR Products
   ~ AFKgg Memberships
2nd Place
   ~ 25% of Cash Prize Pool ($500 Minimum + $2.50 per player participant)
   ~ AFKgg Memberships
3rd Place
   ~ AFKgg Gift Cards

 ------- Stream & VODs ------

Main Tournament Live Stream at
VODs of Tournament at AFKgg's Youtube Channel
Match GOTV IPs will be posted on Brackets.

 ------- Peripherals & Gear Rules ------

~ Players may bring and use their own headphone, mouse, and mousepad throughout the tournament.
~ Players may bring their own keyboard only for Day 2 knockout stages. (Double Elimination).
~ AFKgg will provide up to twenty-four 144Hz Monitor setups, but not all matches will be played on these setups.
~ The rest of the setups will be 60Hz Monitors, due to limited availability and time constraints.
~ Teams playing on 144Hz Monitors will always be playing against another team also on 144Hz monitors, and same with 60Hz.
~ NO you may not bring/use your own monitor under any circumstance.

 ------- General Tournament Information & Rules ------

~ All teams or individual players must pre-register online to attend the tournament. Follow link to our page.
~ Teams may register a full roster of 6 and 1 substitute player. Individuals may register with up to 3 other player to later form a full team at random or on Day 0.
~ All players must provide an accurate Battle.NET account and ID that represents the player's main account. No alt or smurf accounts allowed.
~ If players are caught providing wrong or misleading information, teams will be disqualified with no refund.
~ Teams will be seeded based on their aggregate Overwatch rankings.
~ Team captains will receive a confirmation and instruction email up to 48 hours after registration.

Day 0 - Friday May 12th

~ Day 0 will allow registrations to run smoother and quicker on Day 1 of the tournament.
~ Players that check-in during Day 0 will get a free T-shirt in addition to their badges and swag.
~ Players will also have the opportunity to practice on our PCs from 7:00pm to 12:00am.
~ Individuals and smaller teams without a full 6, will be able to meet and greet with other players and form teams on the spot.
~ Teams that do not form teams on Day 0 will be randomly placed on a team during Day 1.

Entry & Check-In

~ $25 Entry Fee per player. AFKgg Members get $10 off entry fee with membership card.
~ $10 of the entry fee per player is added to the $2000 cash prize pool.
~ Entry fee is due on Day 0 (5/12) or Day 1 (5/13) of the event during check-in.
~ Your team must be present and checked in by cut off time of 10:00am on Day 1 (5/13).
~ Priority will be given to the players and teams that pre-registered first.

Tournament Strucuture
~ Group Stage will consist of a Double Elimination Bracket between 4 teams in a group. All matches are best of 3.
~ There will be 2 Separate Group Stage Time slots on Day 1 (5/13). First set of groups start at 11am, second set of groups start at 4pm.
~ The top 2 teams of each group will move on to the knockout stage. If a round of 16 is necessary, matches will be single elimination best of 3 and will begin at 9pm on Day 1 (5/13).
~ Day 2 will consist of the Top 8 teams, playing in a double elimination knockout stage. All matches except the grand finals will be best of 3. The grand finals will be best of 5.
~ Tournament strucuture is tentative and may change depending on participant numbers. Check back on Thursday May 11th for updates.
Config & Match Details
~ Players will be allowed setup time before the start of tournament to save configs to our PCs.
~ Players have a maximum of 10 minutes to configure their game prior to joining the lobby prior to each match. Teams will get forfeit losses.
~ All teams are required to connect to the AFKgg provided Teamspeak. Teamspeak will be used for communicatino between teams and tournament admins. It can also be used for match team communication if desired.
Venue Rules & Info
~ NO Outside food or drink is allowed in the venue.
~ Only players on teams will be allowed in the LAN Center during the tournament.
~ Spectator badges will be an extra fee due to limited space.
~ Parking will be available in the San Pedro Garage located on San Pedro Street near AFKgg. Parking Validation will be provided free of charge to tournament participants.

 ------- Map Rules ------

~ All maps are in the Map Pool.
~ Maps will be banned until correct number of maps left, depending if best of 3 or 5.
~ First team to ban will be randomized. The second team to ban will pick starting side. Losing team will pick starting side.
~ Competitive rules in Overwatch Ranked will be enforced to determine map winners.
~ Draws on any map types will be settled on a best of 3 control map predetermined by admins.

 ------- Match Rules ------

~ Ruleset: Standard Overwatch Competitive Match Rules and Configs
~ Hero selection limit: 1 per team
~ All Heroes allowed
~ Role selection limit: None
~ Allow Hero Switching: On
~ Respawn as random hero: Off
~ Control game mode format: Best of 5
~ Killcam: Off

 ------- Contact Us ------

If you have any questions, please email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.





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