Overwatch Random Teams Tournament - September 30th

Mon 25th Sep 2017 - 1:55pm Gaming

AFKgg will be hosting an Overwatch Random/Balanced Teams Tournament on Saturday, September 30th at 1pm. 

This Overwatch tournament is for PC ONLY! You must own the game on a PC Battle.Net account to play. 

$15 Entry Fee per player. ($10 to Prize pool, $5 to Venue fee)

$10 for 2 Pizza Slice (2 Toppings) and a LAN Energy or Soft Drink!

Please pre-register below:

.....:::::..... Prizes .....:::::.....
1st Place: 75% of Prize Pool, 2 Month Membership
2nd Place: 25% of Prize Pool, 1 Month Membership

.....:::::..... Rules .....:::::.....

% General Rules
~ Tournament is best of 3, single or double elimination depending on size.
~ AFKgg will allow the use of personal headphones, mice, and mousepad.
~ Personal keyboards are -not- allowed and you must use AFKgg's keyboards (Logitech g710+).
~ Players have a maximum of 5 minutes to configure their game prior to joining the lobby. Teams will get forfeit losses.

% Map Rules
~ Maps will be banned until correct number of maps left.
~ First team to ban and pick side will be random
~ Assault, Escort and Hybrid maps are decided by either * getting payload further then other team or * reaching final checkpoint faster.
~ Control maps are best of five.
~ Ties on any map types will be settled on a best of 3 control map predetermined by admins.

% Custom Game Rules
~ Rule Set: Competitive

~ Map rotation: After a game
~ Map order: Single Map
~ Return to lobby: After a game

~ Hero selection limit: 1 per team
~ All Heroes allowed
~ Role selection limit: None
~ Allow Hero Switching: On
~ Respawn as random hero: Off

~ High bandwidth: On
~ Control game mode format: Best of 5
~ Health modifier: 100%
~ Damage modifier: 100%
~ Healing modifier: 100%
~ Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%
~ Respawn time modifier: 100%
~ Ability cooldown modifier: 100%
~ Disable skins: Off
~ Disable health bars: Off
~ Disable kill cam: On
~ Disable kill feed: Off
~ Headshots only: Off

~ Team balancing: Off
~ When balancing occurs: After a mirror match




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